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MadJack Diesel Performance Inc. was founded in 2006. We are dedicated to getting you the best price possible on every item you desire to have on your truck. Contact us and let us know what goals you want from your truck, MPG, Longevity, Performance etc. and we will make recomendations to fit your needs. We carry parts from all the leading names in the light truck performance sector, from names like Air Dog, MBRP, Magnaflo, Diamond Eye, PPE, Banks, Sun Coast, Precision Industries, Edge, Diablo, Quadzilla, Bully Dog, Isspro, Autometer, Mag-Hytec and more. Tell us what you want and we will get you a price quote. 

When it comes to fluids for your diesel truck or any other vehicle in your stable we recommend Amsoil for all your lubrication needs. We are a T-1 Certified North American Direct Jobber for Amsoil Products. We are specialists in light & medium duty diesel pick up trucks, passenger cars and motorcycle applications both street & off-road. When it comes to motorcycle oils and lubes we know what works because we use & race what we sell! MadJack Diesel Performance is an official sponsor of various AMA District 37 Races and AMA SoCal Motocross Series. We also sponsor a team of riders at all skill levels, many of which are top riders in their respective classes across the country.

When ordering Amsoil products use Reference number 1466322 and that will get you the top notch service you deserve. Talk to us about the Preferred Customer Wholesale Program. Want to start earning money selling Amsoil? Start your own Amsoil Dealership or take advantage of Retail opportunities by adding Amsoil to your store's quality product lines.
 If you are interested in using Amsoil products or just want to ask questions about applications for any products we sell please feel free to contact us, as we are here to help you get what you need at the best price possible!


 You can choose from companies like Airaid, AFE, Autometer, Banks, Diablo, Edge, ISSPRO, MBRP, Diamond Eye, Magnaflo, PPE, S&B, and many more leaders in our industry.

If you want to improve your mpgs, care for your truck, step up your trucks performance or just help it to last a lifetime we have what you need to accomplish your goals. If you want longevity from your truck and you tow an RV you need certain items to acheive that goal such as a deep pan on your transmission and a aftermarket diff cover on your rear end. If you want to improve mpg you need to select the right tuner, add an exhaust system and use synthetic oils through out your drive train. If you want performance, you need to select the right tuner, beef up your transmission to handle the hp you want to add, do fuel system improvments and get an exhaust system that will help lower your egts while improving performance and mpg.

We are a T-1 Certified Nationally Recognized Amsoil Direct Jobber.

For your maintanence and lubrication needs we are an Authorized National and International Amsoil Dealer. We can service all aspects of your lubrication needs in Canada and the US. We are specialists in diesel light & medium duty trucks, passenger cars and motorcycle applications, for both street & offroad. We know what you need and how to save you money on it!  MadJack Diesel Performance Inc. is focused on service and savings first and foremost!

When ordering Amsoil Products or registering for The Preferred Customer Program or to start your own Amsoil Dealership use Reference number 1466322. Talk to me about The Preferred Customer Program, Retail Opportunities or how to start your own Amsoil Dealership.

Want to make your diesel light pick up last a life time? It is said by oil industry experts engine wear is caused by wear particles between 5 and 15 microns and above.  The Amsoil Dual Bypass System will filter down to 2 microns at 98% efficiency. This could extend the life of your light truck diesel engine almost indefinitely against oil related failures and wear. 


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