Allison 1000 Transmission

Allison 1000 Transmission


The Stock OEM Allison 1000 Transmission in the GM light pickup truck is built to last a lifetime in the stock configuration of the Duramax engine under normal working conditions. Todays Duramax owners are adding power with tuners and programs as well as adding power through engine upgrades such as twin turbos and Water/Meth injection units etc. Add larger tires to your lifted Duramax/Allison GM pick up and your adding stress to the Drive Train. Many are sled pulling and drag racing their GM Duramax/Allison trucks which are also daily drivers for many.

To compensate for that added stress through tuners, programs and or larger tires many are turning to the weakest link in the drive train when adding extra power, the transmission. The weakest link in the transmission is the torque converter. The next weakest link to additional power is the clutches. In order to handle anything much over 50 extra HP over stock for long periods of time you need to build the transmission to handle that extra power. This section will help you get the parts/kits you need to handle the power you want at a great price.




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