TransGo Jr. Transmission Shift Kit

$129.00 $78.99

Product Information

TransGo Jr. Transmission Shift Kit

If you have a 2006-2010 Allison 1000/2000 6 speed transmission this is a must have for your transmission. The Transgo Jr. shift kit is easy to install and can be installed from underneath without pulling the transmission.

Note: Installs from the bottom. Remove Transmission Pan and Valve Body to Install 

Increases torque capacity and Corrects/Prevents/Reduces the following issues:

  • Goes to neutral under load; 3-4 slip; burned C3 clutches; sticks in one gear;
  • Smart clutch control valves for increased durability;
  • Short-Crisp-Smooth-upshifts and kickdowns.
  • Increases line presure on C3/C4 from 125 PSI Max to 230 PSI Max
  • For use on 2006-2010 LBZ, LMM Transmissions




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