Amsoil Syntheic Oils

Amsoil Syntheic Oils

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Amsoil Synthetics is the leader in syntheic oils & lubes for general public automotive use. Amsoil has the deepest line of application specific formulations than any other Synthetic oil company on the market today. Synthetic oils are much more stable oils in all temperatures than conventional oils are. Synthetic oils are chemically manufactured to have perfectly smooth molocules creating less friction, reducing wear and increasing fuel mileage. Amsoil offers warranties on the oils and EAO Synthetic filters they produce allowing you extended oil change intervals (OCI) well beyond the 3000 mile oil change we all grew up with, thus saving you money on your maintenance costs anually. The higher the mileage you drive each year the more your savings will be. To find out more about individual oils go to MadJack Diesel Performance's extensive Oils website or try the MadJack Diesel Performance Oil page here and look for the product that suites your needs the best. Amsoil Warranties their oils for 15k miles under severe service conditions and 25k miles under normal service conditions when used with an Amsoil EAO full Synthetic filter.

Amsoil has partnered with many top name filter companies in the automotive industry to add to your maintenance and car care savings and to create a one stop shop for your automotive and light truck needs. By partnering with companies like Wix, Donaldson and Mann Filters (for many import cars) you can take care of most all your needs from one supplier and not have to drive around town to several stores to get all that you need to maintain your vehicles.

MadJack Diesel Performance is an authorized Amsoil Distributor Dealer & our Reference Number is 1466322. MadJack Diesel Performance uses Amsoil in all vehicles from our race bikes to our tow vehicles to our every day drivers right down to our RV generator! Amsoil keeps us in the racing game by reducing the mechanical failures we have and getting us to the finish line each week.


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