Duramax LMM Fuel Filter Access Door

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LMM Duramax Fuel Filter Access Door

 After installation this access panel will make fuel filter changing so much faster and easier. Instead of having to take out the entire inner fender well simply take out the access panel with the same style push pins rivets that hold the inner fender well in.

Save time and aggrivation by purchasing and installing your access panel today! Made from high impact abs this panel will stand up to the weather, salted roads and water without rusting or degrading.
Never curse your fuel filter again!

NEW - With easy installation instructions and push rivets.

Large panel molded of tough ABS correctly designed and contoured specifically for the New Body Style GM Diesel LMM trucks, Chevrolet and GMC 2007.5, 2008, 2009, 2010 and on. (Not for classic body style).

This allows for changing the filter thru the wheel well by only removing this panel, not the whole wheel well liner. Will be especially handy when forced to do roadside filter change in the winter months.

Throw in a PPE WIF (Water In Fuel) sensor wrench for 22.49 more or our Madjack Racing Wif wrench for 14.95 and it will ship in the same package.


LMM Fuel Filter Access Panel Installed  LMM Access Panel Saves Time

Product Code: FFAPLMM

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.5

LMM Fuel Filter Access Door

Easy to install. I just held in place, drilled each hole and installed the clips as I drilled them. Marked the outline with chalk, removed the door and used tape to lay out the one inch off set. I then cut with shears.Looks great and easy access without jacking up the truck or removing the tire.

Todd J. :: Jul 18 2012, 11:00 AM

LMM filter access panel

If you have any doubts, this is hands down, the best money I've spent on my LMM's to help me, the maintenance guy. Worth every penny. Jack the truck up, wheel still on, line up panel, drill holes, installing clips as you go, remove panel, cut liner, reinstall, and go. heymccall@dieselplace

Heymccall :: May 30 2011, 17:04 PM

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