Wix 33960 for 2001-Up GM Duramax Diesel Engines

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Manufacturer: Wix Filters

Product Information

 Wix 33960 7 Micron (Nominal) for 2001-Up GM Duramax Diesel Engines

Wix 33960 Fuel Filters For your Duramax

Product Information:

After extensive testing and research, WIX Filters is proud to offer the new WIX 33960 fuel filter for 2001-Up Chevrolet-GMC trucks with 6.6L Duramax diesel engines. This upgraded design of the WIX 33960 directly replaces the original WIX 33910. The WIX 33960 fuel filter features many benefits over previous and competitive designs. The WIX 33960 features an all plastic, environmentally friendly design which is both rust proof and water proof. This all-plastic design, only from WIX, will not dent due to increased durability and shell strength, and the plastic provides 100% corrosion protection. Competing diesel fuel filters made of metal are susceptible to rust and corrosion, particularly with today’s ULSD fuels. Because ULSD and biofuels are prone to water absorption, that water must be stripped and contained by the filter, which can cause eventual corrosion in a metal filter can.  

The WIX 33960 has been designed with molded threads in the top and bottom of the canister, which eliminates the risk of leakage when compared to competing designs that feature a threaded insert that mate with the can. The molded threads in the bottom of the WIX filter eliminate the issues seen with inserts, like water collecting around the insert and causing corrosion. And because they are molded, the threads won’t be misaligned, as can happen with inserted threads. 

Capacity and efficiency testing was completed successfully, and cycle fatigue and burst testing hit their targets with no leaks. WIX engineers were able to successfully design a fuel filter with a more user-friendly design that achieves the same or better flow rates than previous and competitive designs. This was achieved by shrinking the filter container, but keeping the actual filter element at its full size.




Product Code: WIX-33960


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