Nicktane Cat Fuel Filter Adaptor For 2001-Up GM Duramax Diesel Engines

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Nicktane Cat Fuel Filter Adaptor For 2001-Up GM Duramax Diesel Engines

The Nicktane Cat Fuel Filter adaptor allows you to use the Cat 1R-0750 (shorter more popular) 2 micron large capacity fuel filter on the Dmax engine or the Donaldson P553203 Water seperator filter as outlined below. Billet aluminum and anodized black the Nicktane adaptor comes with the Viton o-rings already installed for immediate installation of the Cat adpt. We reccomend that you also install one of our MadJack Racing Fuel Filter Head spacers to make changing filters easier.

Fuel Filter Choices:

You can now add a Donaldson 3 micron water seperator filter instead of a Cat filter to retain the water seperator function of your truck with the Nicktane Cat Adaptor. If you order a Donaldson P553203 water seperator filter with the water drain then you can order the Donaldson water seperator clear bowl P569758 to allow you to see if you have water in your fuel filter. Simply use the drop down menus to add the Donaldson filter and then add the clear bowl. When you receieve your filters unscrew the water drain from the Donaldson filter and screw the clear bowl in its place. Then screw the drain back into the clear bowl. When you change filters in the future you will remove the clear bowl and install it on your new filter same as the Allison Spin-on magnet.



******If installing this on a 2012-Up LML you need to get a spacer with it to make it work.******


Use the drop down menu below to add filters, filter hear rebuild kit or a spacer to your Original Nicktane Cat Fuel Filter Adaptor. All Cat & Donaldson filters are stocked by us and ready to ship with your Nicktane Adapter.


Nicktane Recomended Service Intervals when using the Nickatne Cat Adapter without any other filtration prior to the Cat adaptor mounted on the OEM fuel filter head.

The Cat 1R-0750 = 10,000 miles
Donaldson P553203 = 10,000 miles
Nicktane Short 1 Micron* = 10,000 miles
Nicktane Long 1 Micron* = 20,000 miles

When an adaptor is used with a Nicktane Auxiliary Fuel Filter Kit or Lift pump with filtration:

Cat 1R-0750 = 50,000 miles
Donaldson P553203 = 50,000 miles
Nicktane Short 1 Micron* = 50,000 miles
Nicktane Long 1 Micron* = 90,000 miles

* Nicktane 1 micron filters are available through but not stocked by MJ Diesel Performance.

Product Code: NIC-CATADPT


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