PPE Electric Fuel Pump 1130500

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Product Information

PPE Electric Fuel Pump For Diesel Pick up Trucks


The PPE Diesel Electric lift pump is a key component in high performance fuel systems for your Diesel pick up and includes the following features:

160 Gallons Per Hour (GPH) fuel flow, Fuel pressure adjustable from 3psi to 15psi the PPE internal regulator comes factory set at 12 psi, high flow 1/2 inch NPT inlet and outlet, The PPE Electric Fuel pump for the Duramax will help increase the longevity of the OEM CP3 fuel pump and is compatible with Bio, low and ultra low sulpher diesel fuels. The Electric Fuel pump will push the fuel through to the filter rather than the CP3 pulling the fuel through risking air in the system.

This PPE Electric fuel pump is highly recommended for use with the PPE Hot +2 and PPE Dual fueler CP3 kit. For less flow restriction use in conjunction with the PPE Billet Aluminum Fuel Pick Up Kit.

Note: "Legal for use in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used in the street or on a Hwy."

Product Code: PPE-1130500


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