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This blog was created for YOU! Here at MadJack Diesel Performance we strive to give you valuable and honest advice on all your diesel needs whether it be on maintenace or performance. This is another way for us you give back to you by tracking all of our modifications and maintenance done to our new 2013 Chevy Duramax Pickup Truck called "Radio Flyer." Enjoy


Entry #8 - Maintenance Update (11/16/13):

Oil changes were provided by the dealer as part of the purchase of the truck. The first oil change was performed at 4200 miles. The next oil change was done at approx 8500 miles. The next one was done at approx 15500 using the Amsoil OE Synthetic and a Baldwin oil filter B1441. We did not have any of the Amsoil filters in stock at the time and since we were not extending the OCI yet ans we run the Filtermag Magnets we felt this was ok for a short run oil change. We now have the Amsoil dual bypass oil filtration system on the truck and will stretch out the oil change to a point that should be between 20-25k miles depending on oil analysis. We also changed the Allison spin-on filter at 21500 and while the fluid was clean as new when we left the filter draining in our oil pan there was a lot of metal draining out of it. I will cut it open in the next few days for inspection along with the Baldwin oil filter that we took off. Pictures will be posted. 


Entry #7 - Amsoil Dual Bypass oil filtration system added (11/16/13):

The free dealer oil changes are now over with and that got us through a decent break-in period of Radio Flyer. We were doing oil changes approx every 5k miles during this period. So we have added the Amsoil dual bypass system @ 21500 miles and switched over to the Amsoil Premium Synthetic 15W-40 oil. We also used our proprietary EZ-Mount Bracket to mount the bypass system to the truck frame saving us huge amounts of time figuring out where to mount the system and the fab time of drilling holes and hoping they were spaced correctly. The Amsoil Dual Bypass filtration system will filter our oil down to 2 microns and allow us to extend oil changes out to 25k miles or more. We will be doing oil samples along the way to keep tabs on the oil to make sure everything is fine in the engine and with the oil. We also added the Fumoto Oil drain valve while we were there under the truck. This valve will make it easier to take those oil samples when we need to. Stay tuned our next upgrade will be LED tail lights from


Update on things in general.

It has been a crazy year and a lot of things happened the worst of which was my nephew getting run over by a mini van and drug almost a1/4 mile. He almost lost his life but didn't through luck and a bicycle helmet. His shear will to recover and move on with his life got him through the ordeal which still is not over at this point but he has resumed a somewhat normal life considering that is without his right leg which was amputated below the knee. That incident was a major factor in our putting our truck build on hold. Our truck didn't seem very important at the time. We will slowly be getting back to adding items to the truck and continuing with the build. Thank you for following the progress.

Entry # 6 - Amp Research Power Steps

We have added the Amp Reseach Power Steps to Radio Flyer. These are the best running board style addition that can be put on these new trucks. One reason is with larger rims & tires from the factory the truck is raised up even higher from the factory. My wife had a knee replaced recently and could not get into the truck without a step stool. These allow not only my wife but my 82 year old mother with multiple hip & knee replacements and walks with a cane and walker to enter my truck without problems because its so high. The Amp Research power steps automatically fold down when a door is opened and fold back up against the rocker panels when doors are closed. They drop down about 4 inches and they offer an extenstion piece for lifeted trucks to add another 3 inches of drop when they come down. 


Entry #5 - Husky Liner Gear Box Storage Container (1/29/2013):

We just received the Husky Liner GearBox stoarge device for Radio Flyer. My old 2005 Chevy LLY had back seats that folded down and made a nice cargo area. It also had storage under and behind where I stored items such as Maglight flashlight, tow straps, California duster, jumper cables and of course toiliet paper along with misc other items for protection. Well the 2013 does not have that staorage space behind the seats. The seats fold up like jump seats on an air plane leaving the uneven floor as the storage space. So we looked to our suppliers to find something to help us with that and thus we bought the Husky Liner Gear Box. It is made from strong plastic and is actually pretty roomy. With the seats down it looks like a factory piece except for the fact that it only comes in black. Here are a few pictures of the unit before and after installation. We sell the Husky Liner line products so if you like what you see conatct us to get you set up as well. 



Entry #4 - Husky Liners Weather Beater Floor Mats (1/29/2013):

We go to the desert a lot riding & racing dirtbikes. We ordered the Husky Liner Weather Beater floor mats because we wanted to protect the carpeting from all the sand and small pebbles that get stuck in our shoes. These are great for those that live in areas where it snows because the snow that mets on your shoes will be contained on the mats and not drip onto your carpet. The Husky Liner mats are full size meaning the entire floor area below the driver or passenger area are completely protected unlike the factory mats. Below are pictures of the new mats in Radio Flyer. We sell Husky Liner products so give us a call with your vehicle specs and we will get you a quote.



Entry #3 - FilterMag Fluid Filtration (1/21/2013):

We at Madjack Diesel are specialists in ease of maintenance, longevity and MPG. We have done countless hours of research so you don’t have to on parts and processes that will save time and cumulatively extend the life of your investment (your truck). You can also use and translate many of these parts on other vehicles to save you time and money.  One of the items that we found in our research and run on all of our personal vehicles is the FilterMag. The Filtermag Fluid Filtration system is an ultra high powered magnet in the shape of your filter which will pull all ferrous metal particles out of your fluid. This will help extend the life of your engine, trans, and fuel injectors. We feel these are cheap insurance against premature wear and mechanical break downs. One of the first items to be installed on the new 2013 is the FilterMag fluid filtration system. You can research FilterMags on their website at To find our FilterMag products on our website click the FilterMag logo below.




Entry #2 - AMP Bed Step (1/17/2013):

We know have an AMP Bed Step installed! The Amp Bed Step is a pretty cool addition especially for me since we are always hauling motorcycles. It makes it so much easier to step up into the bed of the truck whether the tailgate up or down. These are great for those who have knee & back problems, as well as those who haul gooseneck and 5th wheel trailers. The process of having to climb into the bed to plug in the electrical or get at crossbed tool boxes is made much easier with the Amp Bed Step.They tuck away very neatly below the left corner of your rear bumper and with the flick of your foot fold out to allow stepping up into the bed of your truck. The new trucks are so high up now that they come with larger rims/tires from the factory, this really makes the step up into the bed much easier.

We have sold a lot of these Bed Steps to truck owners who are always climbing in and out of their truck beds, especially our motorcycle riding friends. Now that big long step straining your knees, is not a big long step anymore with the Amp Research Bed Step. These are rated for 300 lbs and warrantied for 3 years or 36k miles. Amp Research is the industry leader in accessing your pick up truck, whether it be the bed or the cab. To find the Amp Research Bed Step for your truck on our website click the AMP logo below.


The installation of the AMP Research Bed Step is pretty straight forward and easy for anybody to tackle. The one hiccup for our installation was trying to tighten the upper bumper bolt. We found that there is a strut for bed strength (pictured below) that restricted you from using a deep socket to tighten the upper bumpre bolt. We also couldn't use a standard socket mounted directly onto a 1/2" drive ractchet. The upper bumper bolt needs to have a 1/2 inch universal attached to the 21mm socket then a 3-4" extension on the ratchet to tighten the upper bumper bolt. 


Entry #1 - The Purchase (12/23/12):

Here is the stock 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500HD CCLB 4X4 ready for some changes!

This truck was ordered from the factory just the way we wanted to start. Victory Red,  LTZ Package, 18" rims with the all seasontires. HD towing package with towing mirrors, giving us the largest sway bars available on the truck from the factory, we also added the trailer/camper wiring package (for 5th wheel/gooseneck trailers or a camper) deleted the 4X4 sticker on the sides of the bed.  

The interior was ordered in the Light Cashmere (Tan), The LTZ package has Leather interior with the heated and air conditioned full power seats, we ordered the Navigation system, we did not order a sun roof or the DVD system nor did we order the sliding rear window. We did opt for the perforated leather hoping to get more breathablity during the warm summers here in So Cal.





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