Titan Fuel Tanks

 TITAN™ Extra Large Capacity Diesel Fuel Tanks

Do you travel with a large 5th wheel or bumber pull RV, haul heavy loads constantly, Hot Shot driver and are tired of constant fuel stops. Would you like to travel through high tax, high priced fuel states?

Take control of when and where you refuel, stop losing time and money....DOUBLE your diesel fuel capacity with an extra large TITAN™ fuel tank. 

•Corrosion proof, durable, lightweight (approx. 45 lbs.)

•Made of high-density cross-linked polyethylene

•Easy to install (2-4 hours), works with stock fuel gauges

•Optional off-road, high-impact rock shield protects underside

•Extra range for greater security and peace of mind on the road


 TITAN™ Fuel Tanks are Compliant with the Air Resources Board of the California Environmental Protection Agency (CARB)

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